Rebekah O'Dowd

Principal of School of Speech and Drama

B.A. (Hons) English/Drama and Theatre Studies, P.G.C.E., L.L.A.M

Rebekah O'Dowd qualified as a teacher of English and Drama in 1987. Since then she has taught Speech and Drama in many schools to both GCSE and A-Level and in a variety of other contexts. Rebekah opened her school of Speech and Drama- - in January 2002. Since then it has grown swiftly, and now over 100 students take part in one or more of the classes offered and perform in the various presentations and productions.

Jane Pryer-Smith

B.A. (Hons) Drama, L.R.A.M

Jane has taught Speech and Drama for LAMDA examinations both privately and at the Shrubbery School for over ten years.

Kathryn Bellshaw

B.Sc. (Hons)

Kathryn works full time as a Speech and Language Therapist, and holds her LAMDA Gold Medal

Shaun Corcoran

Shaun will be graduating from the University of Birmingham with a BA (Hons) Drama and Theatre Arts in July 2011. He has been performing since a very young age and enjoys being able to pass on some of the tips that he has learnt to the pupils at . Shaun intends to pursue a career in the field of Stage Management, and will be undertaking further training at drama school once he graduates.

Laura Shaw

Laura will be graduating from the University of Birmingham with a BA (Hons) Drama and Theatre Arts in July 2011. Performing is her passion and she thoroughly enjoys the creative process of guiding the pupils through exams, plays and lessons. Laura hopes to pursue a career in the inclusive Arts and Televsion, and will be moving to London when she graduates.

Chrissy Jones

Chrissy is a second year Drama and Classics student at the University of Birmingham. She previously completed a six month Acting Foundation Course from The Oxford School of Acting. Chrissy joined the Thursday evening teaching staff in October 2010, and has really enjoyed becoming part of the team. She is involved in the Year 9-13 Acting Classes and the Upstage Creative Drama Class. After completing her degree, Chrissy hopes to continue pursuing her interest and love of Drama and Creative Arts.

Lauren Barnes

Lauren grew up in Cheltenham where she spent many happy years involved in a Drama School not disimilar to , where she took Lamda examinations achieving her Gold Medal Speech and Bronze Medal Acting and was involved in a whole variety of performances. Lauren first came to work for in 2008, and soon became heavily involved with the school on Thursdays and Saturdays. We said goodbye to Lauren in July 2010 when she won a scholarship to study in Australia as part of her business degree at The University of Birmingham. She also loves to be involved in amateur productions, most recently appearing in Arther Miller's 'A View from the Bridge'. Lauren is extremely excited to be returning to in September 2011, and both the pupils and staff are eagerly awaiting her return.

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